Sunday, April 11, 2010

So, this isn't about Girl Genius...

IMPORTANT NOTE: I was right the first time.  The Giveaway is still going on till May 8.  Feel free to join in!

... but Book Love Affair's having had a book giveaway (that's the link to it, by the way) to celebrate having 250 followers.  Two winners were randomly selected, yesterday (it ended early.  Twelve hours before I wrote this post.  Now I feel bad...)  There were ten books to choose from and one "other" option for when you signed up.  I picked Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire, because this review at Jawas Read Too made it look to cool not to look into; if I don't win I didn't win, but I'll probably buy the book anyway.  It looks that fun.

Anyway, next post really will be about Girl Genius, but I had to spread the joyous news of a free book opportunity, and sadly didn't realize it was too late until after this post... but, on the bright side, I got to share news about a nifty-looking book I just found out about and I learned to check other blogs more often, so it's not all bad!  Go, positive thinking!

Edit: this post has been altered due to the contest ending early.  As in, before I wrote this post.  Sorry... but that book still looks pretty darn interesting. 
2nd Edit:  I mixed up a tweet about a different book giveaway with one about the one mentioned here.  I'm not going to rewrite this post again, but I added the note at the top and will write another post about this... after the Girl Genius one.  Any way, I got conformation from Book Love Affair that the contest is indeed still going on before adding more notes to this post.


  1. Explain more about what exactly made the book interesting, I have not heard of before!

  2. It's about a half-fae P.I. who, after being stuck as a fish for fourteen years, has to both pull her life back into order and deal with more mysterious, fae/P.I. related stuff going on as well. At least, that's what I gather from the Jawa's review (which I would suggest reading, as she actually read the book). It looks a bit like The Dresden Files with the whole "supernatural private eye" theme while also looking different enough from Dresden to not be repetitive. Basically, it looks awesome. And has a nifty cover.