Friday, August 27, 2010

What's That at the Top of the Screen?

That's right, folks, we now have a banner!  Thanks to the lovely Katie Cook for allowing me to use her artwork!  Check out her stuff at


  1. Nice! I'm so used to seeing Katie's artwork these days that I instantly knew exactly who made the banner. :)

    It fits the tone of your blog perfectly.

  2. Thanks! :) Yeah, Katie's got a really wonderfully unique style, I'm really grateful that she let me use it!

  3. Thanks for posting that...I just ordered her Star Wars poster a couple of days ago thanks to see the banner and going onto her website! Not anonymous but can't get me to exist on this...

  4. Your welcome, Not-So-Anonymous! :) She definitely has some amazing Star Wars posters. I'm sorry my blog won't let you exist.