Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update Time: Read Comics in Public Day and More!

Along time ago (April), and far, far away (Japan), I posted about how excited I was that both Captain  Britain and MI13 and Girl Genius were nominated for Hugo awards and that I would ramble about both series "sometime in the near future."  While I did do the Girl Genius post, I must shamefully admit to not having the Captain Britain post completed in a timely matter.  Fortunately, the Hugo awards ceremony isn't until Sunday, so I'll hopefully have the post done by then.


You may of heard that Saturday was International Read Comics in Public Day, a day dedicated to, well, unashamedly reading comics in public.  Despite being too lazy to blog about it (I was working on the Captain Britain thing, I swear!) I happily participated:

The website DC Women Kicking A** challenged women to participate and created a "Women Read Comics in Public" Tumblr "dedicated to showing off the passion and diversity of female comic readers." If you have any such pictures, they're currently accepting pictures taken anytime.

So, that's it for the quick update!  I should probably get back to packing for tonight's flight back to reality papers school!  Before I go, here are a few other geeky highlights from this past weekend:
  • A fifty-something-year-old lady walking towards the restrooms backpedals and exclaims "Oooh, Marvel!"  She picks up a book and flips through it for about thirty seconds before putting it back, telling me that Marvel's her favorite, and completing her journey to the restroom.
  • A little boy carrying around his Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle happy meal toy and treating it as his Most Favored Toy of the hour.  Aww...
  • Having a nice conversation with my nine-year-old brother about Godzilla movies.  As in the old Japanese ones.  His favorite is the original one.  There is hope for the future!
Later, folks, and hopefully I'll have something more interesting to say next time!


  1. Comic lovers of the world, unite! Or at least, do not be ashamed to pursue your passion IN PUBLIC!