Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review: In Hero Years I'm Dead by Michael Stackpole

 Despite the title of this post, I'm still not dead.  I am, however, working quite a bit and I have been able to read quite a bit in my job.  As such, here's a book review I just wrote on Goodreads for a superhero noir book by the fabulous Michael A. Stackpole:

In Hero Years... I"m Dead by Michael A. Stackpole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wish this was the first book of a series.  Stackpole builds such a vivid world and such intriguing characters that I cannot help but want to spend more time with them and explore them further.  Don't take this to mean that the book's conclusion is unsatisfying in any way, though, or that the characters are not fleshed out; both the male and female superheroes (of which there are many) develop over the course of the story and Stackpole works the surreal plot and character twists superhero comics fantastically into his very human story of a man trying to find meaning after losing twenty years.  If you like superheroes or are in anyway intrigued by the concept of them, or if you enjoyed Stackpole's books I, Jedi or Once a Hero you should check out this book.

Now, if only he wrote a sequel about Vixen...

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