Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's Leave "Single's Awareness Day" in the Past

Guys, we need to talk.

I know this time of year can be hard on some people.  Valentine's Day is coming up and excessive commercialization of any festival can be irritating.  Decorations feel like they're everywhere, TV commercials keep bringing it up, everything is red or pink and heart-shaped.  For some, all of the festivities act only as a reminder that they aren't celebrating Valentine's Day.  And so the day gains a second name: "Single's Awareness Day."  It works, right?  Valentine's Day is all about significant others and romance and feels like it's just there to remind the "singles" of the world that they don't have those things, doesn't it?

I'm here to say "Enough."  But not to Valentine's  Day.

Enough of this "Single's Awareness Day" bitterness.

It's fine to be sick of Valentine's Day.  It's understandable to feel bitter about a day dedicated to couples, especially if you recently went through a messy break-up or something similar.  Why you feel that way and whether or not you need to work through those feelings are your business that you get to decide how to deal with them.

What isn't fine is when you start damaging other people's ability to enjoy the festivities.  Commercialized exploitation of a saint's day or not, there are people who want to enjoy Valentine's Day with the ones they love.  Contrary to how it may feel sometimes, Valentine's Day is not about making you feel miserable.  It's not about making you feel like you are lacking something.  That idea that you can only be complete with a significant other is a misconception that needs to be addressed, but Valentine's Day is not in itself about any bitterness you may have.

It's a day for people to celebrate their significant others.

As a single person, I ask that you let those people enjoy the holiday without making them feel uncomfortable or guilty with jabs about "Single's Awareness Day."  I would want to be allowed to celebrate festivals I care about without being all conversations about it becoming accusations or lectures against it.  It seems only polite to allow others the same courtesy.

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