Thursday, February 7, 2013

Star Was Spinoffs: Han and Boba Walk Into A Bar

You may have heard that Star Wars spinoff films are plannedOne rumor claims that there will be stand alone films centering around Han Solo and Boba Fett, respectively.  Clearly, there are a lot of people who would love for this to happen.  Both characters are well known fan favorites; who wouldn't die to see movies completely about them?

Ready the hate mail.

I really don't care for the idea.

I worry about solo (hah) films, and not just because of my concerns about focusing too much on the actions of one character through the course of a story and not showing interactions and relationships.  If these films are made, it is entirely possible that Han and Boba would both have interesting, well-rounded supporting casts and lots of interaction.  While I would worry about the execution, this isn't my primary concern with the concepts.  Nor is my issue that Han Solo already has an origin story in the Expanded Universe books.  I have no problem with Star Wars having two continuities (something I'll discuss in greater detail some other time).  No, my issue with Han and Boba having their own movies is much simpler than that:


Most of my favorite characters in fiction of all forms (books, movies, comics, whatever) are supporting characters rather than the main protagonists.  Because they aren't the main characters, creators seem to feel more comfortable giving them a degree of unpredictability and an air of mystery.  The creators can also dose the amount of time you're exposed to a character, adding to the intrigue.  This, added to the fact that the audience primarily gets to know these characters through their interactions with the main character makes the audience's relationship with these characters different then that with the main characters.  Instead of being the characters you relate to and see yourself as, they get to be the characters you want to hang out with and wish you were.  These are the kinds of characters Han and Boba.

It's true that you can make good films about such overly amazing characters; the Indiana Jones films (at least the first and third ones) prove this.  The problem is with Han and Boba specifically.

I am tired of hearing about them.

I'm aware that this is a personal issue.  Not everyone has read Star Wars novels and is aware how much Han and Boba's roles grow.  But I'm also aware that I'm not alone.  As fantastic as they are in the Original Trilogy and as much as I loved both of them when I was little, I have been overexposed to them.  Stories focusing entirely on them have no draw for me because, frankly, I've heard it and seen it and read it before.  If these movies are made, I will be apathetic to them.  I love Star Wars, but it would take good reviews from specific people to make me care about Han and Boba movies.  At this point, I would much rather see movies with new characters with open futures instead of the back-stories of cool characters I've been hearing too much about constantly since I was five.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you agree, disagree, or what characters you wish would get their own films.

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